a place where innovators can share their crayons and (code) blocks


How Does DevHuddle Work?


Community Insight

The DevHuddle catalog provides a place where developers from around the world can share their own patterns and solutions to common product features and functionality. As DevHuddle users create system models they can choose to share their designs in the catalog for others to use


Tools and Templates

The DevHuddle system modeler helps you create functional product specifications using an easy to follow template based on user stories and use cases (Agile stuff). Your system models can be kept private between you and your team or shared through the catalog


Pro Specifications

The architects at XGEN have been designing online and mobile products for more that 20 years. This means we have designed products the wrong way just as many times as we have gotten them right and we have lots to share. Our team regularly selects core functionality, develops a system model, and publishes the model to the DevHuddle catalog